Whether you like it or not you have no say in the matter.

Whether you like it or not you have no say in the matter.

Your tax dollars support “Harm Reduction  / Terminal Addiction”  here in British Columbia.  Harm Reduction means The free distribution of over “Four Million Needles” yearly, One hundred thousand “Free Crack Pipes” , Vancouver’s world famous  Insite and let’s not forget “Free Methadone”,  VANDU– Vancouver Area  Network Of Drug Users is generously funded to the tune of a quarter million dollars yearly;  all this contributes to the continuous use and free flow of addiction at a very high cost to both you and me. “Millions and Millions” of dollars spent every year with no reduction of the problem. Here is how you can have a say and help to make a difference.   

Why not support Recovery Based Abstinence so that we can make a difference and createNew Men and Women with the true form of harm reduction which should be based on adrug free life

We are “The Servant’s of Hope Society”.

The Servants of Hope Society is a faith based men’s recovery house located on the east side of Vancouver. Founded by Sean H. in 2004 with a vision of men helping men through servitude and the overcoming of addiction. As unconventional as it sounds there has been a very good success rate for the house.

Our Mission:

·        Bringing the message of hope and recovery to the Downtown Eastside.

·        Providing safe, supportive, recovery-based housing.

·        To lead by example of how giving back to the community supports our recovery.

·        Networking with numerous other Recovery Houses and Treatment Centers to provide solutions and hope for those still struggling with addictions.

Our men’s recovery house is in need of a vehicle for our Outreach Work, as well as daily functions. Please consider helping us as God leads you. We are also in need of Financial Support for our continuing operations; we are self sustaining but desire to grow and expand to enable us to help more individuals. 

We have a charitable tax exemption status from the federal government and are able to issue tax receipts
You can go to our website and visit the links above to verify who we are. Please do not ask us to go to other groups for support. May the Holy Spirit lead you in considering us as a worthy cause.
Yours truly,
Sean Heaney 
Executive Director of The Servant’s Of Hope Society
Contact:  sean@servantsofhope.ca  604-720-9335 


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